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i was on my bus today and some lady (early 40s maybe? idk) came up to me and she’s going to the same college as me as well as getting the same degree so we started talking

and basically im up at 11 at night editing her paper bc she’s a transfer student and needed help on her grammar, like she was so cute and happy and excited that someone wanted to help her so i couldnt say no

i still havent done my LAB hw either hahaha oh well, i feel good about helping so thats nice i guess

Lupita Nyong’o for People Magazine’s Most Beautiful


Hannibal AU, in which Hannibal doesn’t listen to classical music.

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oh my fucking god

Anonymous asked: i know for big coldplay concerts, they'll leave the front two rows empty and fill them up with really devoted fans from the nosebleeds -- what do you think the chances are they'll do the same for these smaller shows for the GS tour?

Tbh I think chances for that are very slim, especially since these smaller shows are so intimate in the first place; no real seat is a “bad” seat when you’re that close, ya know? I know Coldplay did that to give huge fans a chance to see them front and center and to also have more energy in the front row, but (scalpers getting all these tickets aside ugh) seems like only devote Coldplay fans are really trying to get these tickets so that doesn’t seem to be a problem :c

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Title: Oceans (Live @ BBC Radio 1)
Artist: Coldplay
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Coldplay - Oceans 

New track from Ghost Stories played live on BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge. 

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im shaking, i was there in that room when they recorded some of GS’s songs oh my god

like, i saw the camera that had that overview shot of the small step of a rised stage (i remember thinking how beautiful that shot would be)

i saw that vid of chris in the water on the screens around the room and i remember Chris explaining it hahHHahHaha fuck