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When you make bae mad

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Coldplay gif challenge » [2/2] b-sides: Crests of Waves

Anonymous asked: D you know Why is the website to buy the coldplay tickets is in a different language ?

ooo okay i was confused for a bit and then i went on the website (at least i think i understand your question now)

that website was only for the show in Germany!! That specific show was the only one that was selling tickets at a set time too, so if you’re looking for the other 5 dates there is no website currently where we can buy coldplay tickets :c

Coldplay will be emailing us on ticket information, so make sure to be on their mailing address if you want a shot at grabbing some

from what i can tell, though, theyll be selling some through ticketmaster (ex), but there’s literally no info as to how much theyll be/when theyll go on sale until the email comes in urgh


Jonny’s guitar solos are seriously the most precious thing ever



 pictures of Coldplay

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